At Bookkeeping by Registries Plus, we have been helping to set up companies and businesses in Calgary since 1998. We offer a range of corporate registration services to Calgary business owners including setting up trade names, incorporations and partnerships. We also provide minute books, NUANS reports and articles of incorporation.

 Trade Name (Sole Proprietorship) – $50

A Trade Name, also known as a Sole Proprietorship, is the simplest business structure. It is the lowest cost choice for starting up a business and requires no annual maintenance. The main disadvantage is that the business is not transferable and you cannot secure the name you choose to operate with, although you can perform a NUANS Report to show that the name you choose was not in use at the time that you began operating with your chosen business name.

 Partnership – $50

A Partnership is essentially a business structure identical to a Trade Name/Sole Proprietorship except that there are two or more individuals who have combined their resources to form a company with the intention to make a profit. Like a Trade Name, a Partnership cannot be sold or transferred. It’s a good idea to draft a comprehensive partnership agreement which outlines what will happen to the assets of the Partnership if one or more of the partners wishes to terminate the partnership.

 Incorporation – $379

While incorporating a company is more expensive than establishing a Trade Name, our experienced Corporate Consultant makes it a simple process. There are many advantages to Incorporating: limited personal liability, eligibility for WCB, and possibility to secure a chosen business name. An incorporation is also a legal entity, the shares of which can be transferred and sold. If you wish to incorporate a named company, you will need a recent NUANS Report (within the past 90 days).

 NUANS Report – $45

A recent (within 90 days) NUANS report is necessary in order to register a Named Incorporated Company in Alberta. We allow you to choose up to three names for us to search. The name will be reserved for you for 90 days from the day of the report

Do you need help selecting the right name for your company? Registering Your Business Name in Alberta outlines the most important points to consider. Or stop into our office; we have been helping entrepreneurs to set up companies since 1998. Our friendly staff are happy to help you choose just the right name.

 Minute Book – $66

The Alberta Business Corporations Act (ABCA) requires that Incorporated Companies in Alberta maintain a Minute Book which is located at the Physical Address of the Incorporation and that this location be accessible to the public during regular business hours. Registries Plus can provide you with a Minute Book which includes the Legal Ease Corporate Record Keeping kit. Our Minute Book provides dividers for all required elements of the Minute Book, including:

    • Certificate/Articles of Incorporation
    • Shareholder Agreements
    • By-laws
    • Director Meetings/Resolutions
    • Shareholder Meetings/Resolutions
    • Register of Directors and Officers
    • Shareholder Register
    • Shareholder Certificates
    • Financial Statements
    • Annual Returns

 Corporate Revivals

If your company has failed to file two or more annual returns in a row, the company will be struck by Alberta Corporate Registry. If your company has been struck or if you have dissolved it and now wish to revive the company, please come in to talk to our Level 3 Corporate Advisor. You will have to file annual returns for all missed years.

 Extra-Provincial Incorporations

Do you own a company which operates extra-provincially in Alberta? You may be able to register an Extra-Provincial Alberta Corporation. Call our Corporate Advisor to learn what is required or just stop in for some friendly advice.

Not sure where to start? That’s what we are here for. Call us at 403.272.5513 ext 616 or email