Mother’s Day History

I have four children, so Mother’s day is a really important event for our family. As I write this, my kids are anxiously awaiting our matriarch to come down the stairs so they can shower her with love and gifts. Honoring our mothers should be something we do every day, so I started wondering why it became an official holiday.

Did you know that the celebration of motherhood can be dated back to the ancient Greeks? They would hold festivals to honor the mother goddess Rhea. While I’m sure many mother’s out there today would happily embrace a comparison to a goddess, this isn’t actually the roots of our modern day celebration.

The most likely starting point for today’s incarnation is Christian festival known as Mothering Sunday that was celebrated in the UK and other parts of Europe. It was a time during Lent when the community would return to their “mother church” for a special service.

By the early 1900’s, the celebration shifted towards our mothers and children would demonstrated their appreciation by presenting moms with flowers and gifts. Some form of honoring motherhood is practiced in almost every culture and for good reason; Moms rock!

Happy mother’s day to all our friends, staff, customers and family. You deserve to have an amazing day.

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